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Cobra Air-X Fairway Woods

Cobra Air-X Fairway Woods

Tony Moore

Cobra wants you to swing your fairway woods with a smooth, easy confidence. That’s exactly what Air-X encourages.

The offset hosel helps eliminate the slice, giving you straight and accurate strikes off the tee and the deck more consistently. That allows you to swing without worrying as much about catching the ball perfectly.

Keu features & benefits:

  • Lightweight head, shaft & grip makes it easy to generate speed in your swing
  • Weight positioned in back & heel for stability and forgiveness
  • Draw-bias, offset design fights those right-side misses
  • Light carbon crown material makes it easy to create distance
  • Available in 3-wood (16-degree loft), 5-wood (20) & 7-wood (23)

You can learn how much these fairway woods could enhance your game by clicking that enquiry button today.


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